Baby Predictions

Foretelling pregnancies or number of children in Tarot .

Most of us have been to a reader and asked questions such as “how many children will I have? , “or am I pregnant ? ” or “do you see me having children with such and such “. While it can be a bit of fun especially if you are young, for others the reasons behind asking could range from medical concerns to bad marriages to having no partner at the time of requesting reading. Whilst generally there is no harm in asking sometimes Tarot /The Universe/ Your Guides -you need to remember you have free will in choosing the path of parenthood in whatever form that takes. Don’t leave it to chance as you may miss the boat. Can you predict it ? Sure the Empress appears and as long as she is favourably aspected there are no issues ( poor Empress she deserves a makeover, Botox and a tummy tuck if you ask me she has deserved it ) If we can see pregnancies we can also see terminations and miscarriages. Do we really want to know that ? Can it be helpful ? Not really . Under our code of ethics as readers we will not give out medical advice anyway unless we are qualified to do so- so anything said in a reading of a medical nature should be of support or adding value . That being said I will share my story about babies and predictions.

My first pregnancy was at 24 . I did a reading for myself and in the past position appeared the pregnancy cards- this would suggest I WAS ALREADY PREGNANT. I went to buy a pregnancy test and it confirmed I was indeed pregnant. I went to work that day ( I worked as a Reader in the Myer Centre in Brisbane) and John another reader said let me do you a reading while waiting for clients to arrive. He said you are going to get pregnant . Being the new kid on the Block I said you are wrong I’m already pregnant.

Second pregnancy I saw twins for myself. I went for an ultrasound and gyno confirmed the news.Unfortunately one was miscarried . I delivered two chords still . The whole theme of my pregnancy was twins although only one live birth.

3rd pregnancy – I was 43 and had just moved in with my now husband and he wanted to have a baby. Given my age I didn’t think it was possible but agreed. I fell pregnant straight away without even having to think about IVF as an option. I did a reading it didn’t look good actually to be honest was pretty f$cking horrible but I put it to the back of your mind. At week 10 I miscarried which is common and very common given my age . I was sent home from hospital to allow the process to take place . I woke up haemorrhaging the situation become an emergency situation with hospital staff organising blood transfusion . I saw my life flash in that moment . I was too scared to try again given how that miscarriage played out. I felt like I had missed that boat of having a third child.

During my 30s where I could have tried again I was working hard establishing a career or it was never the right time. Maybe it was not meant to be.

So yes many pregnancies have been foretold . but probably quicker to buy a pregnancy test, make plans about having children -not leaving it to chance and know you have free will to make choices.

If you are a fellow Tarot enthusiast you will not be able to help yourself to pull a few cards or get that reading 🙂

Till next time

Much love



I get asked this question a lot and this is my personal opinion only . My background is in teaching tarot and have studied it over 40 years and am certified at Professional Level by the American Tarot Board however I have also done various online courses with Doreen Virtue over the years to seek a better understanding of reading Angel and Oracle Cards. The difference in experience as a client is that the Tarot Cards will tell you how your situation is with great detail it will show you the facts sometimes brutally so. The accuracy in tarot is astounding at times.Themes of deceit, affairs, love, births, drama and who the people that affect you appear. The softness of the Oracle Cards on the other hand will give you the spiritual solution to the problem at hand but in a universal way. There is no right or wrong just a different perspective. It just depends on what sort of experience you want and how much you really want to know. It depends on what head space you are in . Are you wanting practical advice that the Tarot can show you or are you wanting to open your heart for Angels to help you. It all depends on who you are and where you are at on your personal path. Readings will also depend on the reader you choose and how they work with the tools they are using after all they are just a tool but the experience can be dictated by the energy of the tool they use. Its not right or wrong just different.


On the flipside if you are a reader Doreen Virtue Angel Cards are perfect for those that find Tarot too scary as the Death Card has been renamed and a few cards have been transposed. I personally read with my old faithful Radiant Rider Waite deck that show me the trials and tribulations of life and will draw Oracle if I am guided. With mediumship one does not use tools but connects directly with passed over loved ones but information can come through actual card readings at times which I have demonstrated in workshops over the years.  I will almost use my entire deck when I am reading its simply something to meditate on or get in the zone.

The Oracle VS Tarot has been a big debate over the years but I believe the attitudes of both camps are softening. I like to think of Tarot more like Bold and the Beautiful and Oracle perhaps like a Family or Feel good movie.  I do say the occasional F bomb in a reading and that my friends can only be done in a Tarot reading. Lucky I pray a lot.

What do you prefer ?


Blessings Always





As a Psychic Medium connecting to spirit the most common words I hear during a reading is I’m sorry and I love you and I wish I had taken more time to say and do things. Of course they give evidence to the client with things that only the client would know to validate who they are etc including at times names , way of passing , mannerisms likes or dislikes what the client is doing right now etc

Relationships with passed over loved ones can be healed after they pass although it is a lot easier to do while they are still living. I’m going to share my own story to relate both my emotional healing with my mother who is passed and my dad who you know is alive.


My mother passed when I turned 18. In fact she was passing away on my 18th Birthday and her wedding anniversary. She was in hospital and the family and extended family had a big cake. Everyone was crying. I knew my mum was sick but I didn’t know she was dying as my family was perhaps hoping and trying to protect me. I was doing my HSC.   The following week I had a vivid dream my mum was in my dream telling me she was passing and that I should not marry as it would not work out. I was awoken at just after 2 am and I said to my cousin I know my mum has just passed. She passed at 2.00am . I was told a few days earlier that she was dying.


I blamed my mum for not fighting to live. I blamed her for not being there for me when I needed her. Reality was she was doing her best with the circumstances she was given and we are all conditioned by our upbringing . Even at the tender age that I was I wish that our conversations and experiences had more hugs love and validation .


I healed my relationship with my mum in spirit by doing a lot of forgiveness work. Journey work with Brandon Bays years ago as well as understanding her life through compassion for what she was going through.  Admittedly I was feeling abandonment issues. I speak  to my mum and feel her in my heart. She now helps me with my work. It would have been easier if it had been done while she was alive but I find solace that I have still been able to find the healing that I needed after her passing.


Moving forward to my father I have used the last couple of years to find out who he really is as a person. Things I never knew about his family . His childhood issues that perhaps have become “his story” and to some extent has been passed on.  Any blame , resentment or blockages in our relationship for the large part has gone. There is just an acceptance of who he is and a better understanding of what makes him the person he is today. It’s not to say everything is perfect but I can put my hand on my heart and say I have made a true effort to accept and love him. He in turn has dropped his entitlement issues. He appreciates what we do for him he says thank you and I love you.


It’s easier to say what we need to say to our loved ones while we are on earth. Appreciate the ones you love take steps to heal what needs to be healed.


Blessings always ❤️




What did I learn from 2016?


These are some of the things I allowed in 2016.

Your list may look similar .

That I can’t control the actions of others
That I allowed people to steal my peace of mind
I allowed people to overstep boundaries .
People have entitlement issues
I kept quiet when I should not have.
Being too polite when I should have spoken up
Posting F$ck memes instead of telling people to actually f$ck off.

What I was doing was not speaking up or owning my truth to avoid confrontation . Did the other person learn anything ? No because I allowed all of it – I didn’t want the confrontation hoping that people would know their boundaries or do the right thing. But people have different perceptions about situations and some people are simply thick skinned and don’t care. I learnt that some people unfortunately have agendas and on the whole I’m lucky enough not to have have had too many of those experiences. I had a few situations of jealousy and deceit . As a psychic I could see this but addressing it was another matter as I am inherently a nice person.

So 2016 showed me the frailty of human nature. At times repetitive situations sprung up to push my buttons so I could learn a new way to deal with things. At times I even questioned the industry due to its competitiveness , copying antics and lack of camaraderie. I even questioned my participation in it. But for all of that there are really good people doing incredible work in the Spiritual industry. And I’m grateful I can serve spirit to pass on messages of a better tomorrow.

I would like to thank 2016 for all the lessons and hope that I can go into 2017 with the aim of not allowing anyone to steal my peace or that of my family for that matter. I do not have to react to the actions of others but I can respectfully voice my concerns if it affects me. I cannot change others or their entitlement issues I can only change my reaction to it.  It dawned on me that I actually pleased everyone but myself for the best part of the year in one way or another because I considered other people’s feelings first.

I have decided that in 2017 I’m going to give less fucks than I did in 2016 because Less Fucks Means that I care about filling my Cup first . Cheers everyone Happy New Year.

Mercury Retro December 19- Help !

mercury-retro-funny-imageOh boy! It’s Mercury retrograde time again. Dec 19th till 8th January to be exact . The planet of communication shifts its gear stick into reverse bringing its usual spate of communication and technology meltdowns travel delays, lost items as well as misunderstandings on a huge scale. Getting through this crappy three-week phase will take some effort – Mercury backstrokes through Capricorn then finishes in Sagittarius so we could start off this period with a lot more purpose or conviction and then may need to revisit our plans again and look at it from a higher purpose level . Power struggles and control issues could dominate relationships so practice the Pause or basically shut up. Is it really worth it? Are they even going to get it especially during this period? If you going to argue at least make sure you your points are valid and factual .

Mercury retrogrades are famous for dredging up the past and all thing “ex’s”. All things “EX”are highlighted, which can make us long to reminisce about the past , reunite or reconnect. Exes or blasts from the pasts just seem to show up or align in your hemisphere sending friend requests , messages or random texts out of the blue. The trouble is that Mercury is Retrograde meaning that you have been warned that things may not turn out the way you expect .

You might be rationalising a scene in your mind about connecting to an ex “since  so much time has elapsed – that perhaps you could be mature adults and form a friendship now “. Getting closure or healing during Mercury retrograde may not be the right time. Mercury could give you a harsh reminder why they are in your past.


Patience is needed during this period. Buzzwords are reflect, rework, recalculate, revisit, recheck, allow more time, plan ahead, avoid major decisions , practice the Pause and learn how to backstroke with Mercury during this phase. Go with the flow

Archangel Michael Prayer of Protection

Dear God and Archangel Michael

Please protect my family, my home, my environment and my energy.  Please take all low vibrating entities or energy back to the light, back to their heavenly home.

Please shield me with your sword of light and truth.  Please assist with cutting energy chords from people or situations that are not for my highest good or that keep me stuck in the past.  Please give me courage and strength and protection in speaking and acting my truth.

Please wrap your wings of protection around me.  Thank you for clearing away harsh emotions such as anger, resentment or fear and for restoring peace and harmony.


Psychic Attack / Mental Stalking – Cutting Energy Chords

So psychic readers have mentioned to you in readings that perhaps to move forward in the area of love or an area that you may feel you have a block, that you need to cut energy chords.

You may think to yourself I thought I already have!!! So what then?

Now something to consider whether it is an ex or someone else, that there is a possibility that they are thinking about you constantly. Have you ever thought of that?

When people flash in your mind’s eye it has been my experience that a person has been talking or thinking about you either positively or negatively.

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Internet Dating Tips and Tarot Of Course

I make no secret that I met my husband on RSVP. Both in our early 40’s looking for love what better place than to shop on line lol. But seriously it is another platform to meet people who are simply looking for love or friendship (there is a name for that but a bit too risqué for even me to type ha-ha – all to their own and it has its place at different times of our lives don’t be judgy as long as both parties are clear!) So what are my tips with internet dating besides doing a reading on each and every profile- we will get to that later!

  • As long as they have a photo and it doesn’t look as good as Ricky Martin it is a good start.
  • Meets basic criteria
  • Do not spend copious amount of time chatting on line before meeting as you will find a lot of time wasters. You will get along with most people on line. Its only when you meet you will see if there is any attraction or charisma.
  • Trust your gut instincts always your first impressions are usually right
  • Meet in a safe public place
  • Look at repetitive patterns in behaviour this will save you a lot of grief later.
  • If they do not text you regularly or at odd times, there is a reason for this it is NOT because they are tired, they usually have a reason for the irregularity it is either another woman (or male) or not wanting to get too close or wanting to commit.
  • “HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU” became my realisation at times without fancy excuses and go to movie when I needed a positive fix or reminder.

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Attracting Your Soul Mate or Mr/Mrs Right

At one point or another we all are looking for our soul mate. Why do others attract another person quicker while others don’t?. Could be many reasons contributing to this, but I am just going to share what my experience was.

So I found myself single just after my 40th birthday. I spent perhaps two years just going through the motions of everyday life, trying to let go of the past, working on forgiveness of self and what my perceived wrong doing of others in my life. When I felt ready to come out of my cocoon I did a lot of self work.

I listened to all of Doreen Virtue CDS on love, I went to workshops like “The Journey” and “You can Heal Your Life” so I could be in the space of letting go the past and stepping out of any victimhood that I still held onto. I even listed to the series of Christian Carter to work out what men were looking for- my kids got a giggle every time they got in the car.

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Angel Number Sequences

One – Key Word- Beginnings

New beginnings, opportunity, potential, drive, ideas, inspiration and aspiration. One deals with that which is about to take form. Seeing multiple ones indicates that a situation is about to begin or is in the early stages of development. Master number 11 is a high vibration number so ensure that you keep your thoughts positive as this is a manifestation number.

Two- Key Word- Relationships and Partnerships

Partnerships and Relationships, Balance, duality, a crossroad or choice, partnership, agreement and insight. Needing to see others point of view.

Three- Key Word – Growth and Collaboration

Initial achievement of goals, growth, creativity, abundance, expression, communication and friendships. The number 3 is the cementing factor of 1 and 2 and goes through to 4 to bring about that which is desired and envisioned. Multiple 3s can indicate group activities or situations involving more than one person.

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