Archangel Michael Prayer of Protection

Dear God and Archangel Michael

Please protect my family, my home, my environment and my energy.  Please take all low vibrating entities or energy back to the light, back to their heavenly home.

Please shield me with your sword of light and truth.  Please assist with cutting energy chords from people or situations that are not for my highest good or that keep me stuck in the past.  Please give me courage and strength and protection in speaking and acting my truth.

Please wrap your wings of protection around me.  Thank you for clearing away harsh emotions such as anger, resentment or fear and for restoring peace and harmony.


Psychic Attack / Mental Stalking – Cutting Energy Chords

So psychic readers have mentioned to you in readings that perhaps to move forward in the area of love or an area that you may feel you have a block, that you need to cut energy chords.

You may think to yourself I thought I already have!!! So what then?

Now something to consider whether it is an ex or someone else, that there is a possibility that they are thinking about you constantly. Have you ever thought of that?

When people flash in your mind’s eye it has been my experience that a person has been talking or thinking about you either positively or negatively.

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Grounding Exercise

In the spiritual industry we throw around the concept of “grounding” quite a lot. So “what is grounding and how do I get grounded?

Feeling grounded is being aware of one self in the moment – connecting our spiritual self with our physical body. It is being conscioius of what is happening around you and feeling centred.  It is important especially for those that work in the healing and spiritual industry or those that work closely with others energy whether conciously or unconsiously.

When you are not grounded you may feel:

  • Disconnected
  • Confused or lack of clarity
  • Floaty
  • Dazed

Spiritual grounding or earthing can assist with eliminating some of this excess energy by connecting you back to mother earth or nature , transmuting that energy and allowing you to feel back in your physical body instead of being in your head.

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