I get asked this question a lot and this is my personal opinion only . My background is in teaching tarot and have studied it over 40 years and am certified at Professional Level by the American Tarot Board however I have also done various online courses with Doreen Virtue over the years to seek a better understanding of reading Angel and Oracle Cards. The difference in experience as a client is that the Tarot Cards will tell you how your situation is with great detail it will show you the facts sometimes brutally so. The accuracy in tarot is astounding at times.Themes of deceit, affairs, love, births, drama and who the people that affect you appear. The softness of the Oracle Cards on the other hand will give you the spiritual solution to the problem at hand but in a universal way. There is no right or wrong just a different perspective. It just depends on what sort of experience you want and how much you really want to know. It depends on what head space you are in . Are you wanting practical advice that the Tarot can show you or are you wanting to open your heart for Angels to help you. It all depends on who you are and where you are at on your personal path. Readings will also depend on the reader you choose and how they work with the tools they are using after all they are just a tool but the experience can be dictated by the energy of the tool they use. Its not right or wrong just different.


On the flipside if you are a reader Doreen Virtue Angel Cards are perfect for those that find Tarot too scary as the Death Card has been renamed and a few cards have been transposed. I personally read with my old faithful Radiant Rider Waite deck that show me the trials and tribulations of life and will draw Oracle if I am guided. With mediumship one does not use tools but connects directly with passed over loved ones but information can come through actual card readings at times which I have demonstrated in workshops over the years.  I will almost use my entire deck when I am reading its simply something to meditate on or get in the zone.

The Oracle VS Tarot has been a big debate over the years but I believe the attitudes of both camps are softening. I like to think of Tarot more like Bold and the Beautiful and Oracle perhaps like a Family or Feel good movie.  I do say the occasional F bomb in a reading and that my friends can only be done in a Tarot reading. Lucky I pray a lot.

What do you prefer ?


Blessings Always