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Archangel Michael Prayer of Protection

Dear God and Archangel Michael Please protect my family, my home, my environment and my energy.  Please take all low vibrating entities or energy back to the light, back to their heavenly home. Please shield me with your sword of light and truth.  Please assist with cutting energy chords from people or situations that are […]

Internet Dating Tips and Tarot Of Course

I make no secret that I met my husband on RSVP. Both in our early 40’s looking for love what better place than to shop on line lol. But seriously it is another platform to meet people who are simply looking for love or friendship (there is a name for that but a bit too […]

Attracting Your Soul Mate or Mr/Mrs Right

At one point or another we all are looking for our soul mate. Why do others attract another person quicker while others don’t?. Could be many reasons contributing to this, but I am just going to share what my experience was. So I found myself single just after my 40th birthday. I spent perhaps two […]

Angel Number Sequences

One – Key Word- Beginnings New beginnings, opportunity, potential, drive, ideas, inspiration and aspiration. One deals with that which is about to take form. Seeing multiple ones indicates that a situation is about to begin or is in the early stages of development. Master number 11 is a high vibration number so ensure that you […]

Grounding Exercise

In the spiritual industry we throw around the concept of “grounding” quite a lot. So “what is grounding and how do I get grounded? Feeling grounded is being aware of one self in the moment – connecting our spiritual self with our physical body. It is being conscioius of what is happening around you and […]

Awareness of Energy Trends

I have found a correlation in readings between drama, deceit, lies and having low vibrating energy or spirit around. Does one cause the other? Not sure but I see it regularly and clients confirm both happen simultaneously . Like energy attracts like energy so it is of no surprise that you may have this “niggly” […]