Awareness of Energy Trends

I have found a correlation in readings between drama, deceit, lies and having low vibrating energy or spirit around. Does one cause the other? Not sure but I see it regularly and clients confirm both happen simultaneously . Like energy attracts like energy so it is of no surprise that you may have this “niggly” energy around you . When you recognize the pattern you can decide not to feed drama and also to sage and clear the energy in your home.

Although I am a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master I am also a very down to earth Virgo who looks for rational answers first. If your husband was being nasty I would ask myself if he is being an arseh$le first and not that there was an entity attached lol you get my drift. Or if the dog was barking that he is not barking at his own shadow…

It is important that you look for obvious answers first . I am not into scare mongering. However I have seen and felt things that there has no logical explanation. In these cases  I do use Reiki for space and personal clearings as well as using Evil Eye Removal method that was passed down from my grandma. Now evil Eye is mainly about negative energy you may have absorbed due to others thoughts or interaction with you through admiration or jealously and for the main part is non intentional.

There are always exceptions. So I use healing modalities to clear the energy which lifts the blocks I am facing. Just remember it doesn’t really matter about the ritual it is the intention behind it.

You will feel a shift or a breakthrough if energy is cleared properly but again it will come down to your personal belief in these matters as what you believe will be true for you.

Happy Clearing