As a Psychic Medium connecting to spirit the most common words I hear during a reading is I’m sorry and I love you and I wish I had taken more time to say and do things. Of course they give evidence to the client with things that only the client would know to validate who they are etc including at times names , way of passing , mannerisms likes or dislikes what the client is doing right now etc

Relationships with passed over loved ones can be healed after they pass although it is a lot easier to do while they are still living. I’m going to share my own story to relate both my emotional healing with my mother who is passed and my dad who you know is alive.


My mother passed when I turned 18. In fact she was passing away on my 18th Birthday and her wedding anniversary. She was in hospital and the family and extended family had a big cake. Everyone was crying. I knew my mum was sick but I didn’t know she was dying as my family was perhaps hoping and trying to protect me. I was doing my HSC.   The following week I had a vivid dream my mum was in my dream telling me she was passing and that I should not marry as it would not work out. I was awoken at just after 2 am and I said to my cousin I know my mum has just passed. She passed at 2.00am . I was told a few days earlier that she was dying.


I blamed my mum for not fighting to live. I blamed her for not being there for me when I needed her. Reality was she was doing her best with the circumstances she was given and we are all conditioned by our upbringing . Even at the tender age that I was I wish that our conversations and experiences had more hugs love and validation .


I healed my relationship with my mum in spirit by doing a lot of forgiveness work. Journey work with Brandon Bays years ago as well as understanding her life through compassion for what she was going through.  Admittedly I was feeling abandonment issues. I speak  to my mum and feel her in my heart. She now helps me with my work. It would have been easier if it had been done while she was alive but I find solace that I have still been able to find the healing that I needed after her passing.


Moving forward to my father I have used the last couple of years to find out who he really is as a person. Things I never knew about his family . His childhood issues that perhaps have become “his story” and to some extent has been passed on.  Any blame , resentment or blockages in our relationship for the large part has gone. There is just an acceptance of who he is and a better understanding of what makes him the person he is today. It’s not to say everything is perfect but I can put my hand on my heart and say I have made a true effort to accept and love him. He in turn has dropped his entitlement issues. He appreciates what we do for him he says thank you and I love you.


It’s easier to say what we need to say to our loved ones while we are on earth. Appreciate the ones you love take steps to heal what needs to be healed.


Blessings always ❤️