Psychic Attack / Mental Stalking – Cutting Energy Chords

So psychic readers have mentioned to you in readings that perhaps to move forward in the area of love or an area that you may feel you have a block, that you need to cut energy chords.

You may think to yourself I thought I already have!!! So what then?

Now something to consider whether it is an ex or someone else, that there is a possibility that they are thinking about you constantly. Have you ever thought of that?

When people flash in your mind’s eye it has been my experience that a person has been talking or thinking about you either positively or negatively.

So we then need to up our protection and ask AA Michael to dissipate this energy PRONTO and also put a shield up like a mirror and any energy that is not for our highest good is reflected from us.

Send pink light back to the person that came in your mind’s eye as two wrongs do not make a right.

Shielding is important in this instance. Just remember that you have power over all things and that others thoughts are NOT more powerful than our own. Just always be aware of energy and remember whatever you think will be true for you.

Do not ever discount your intuition in these cases as weird as it may seem. You are not crazy there are many strange occurrences that sometimes the rational mind cannot explain.

Happy clearing and chord cutting.