Remember with psychic readings it is best to  keep an open mind. You have free will to change or modify your thoughts to create the change you are looking for in your world.

We are all the creators of our destiny. Tarot readings give you an insight and help guide you, give clarification and uplift you to make better choices and understand where you are in life and where you would ultimately like to be.

Sometimes in a reading you obtain what you think you are looking for and at other times the Universe may give you what seems to be a random message.  You just need to keep an open mind!

With email readings please sit with the information and re read it could take your time to process it and see if the answer is in the reading.

I stand by the quality of my readings and will gladly refund if you are not happy.  However please keep in mind that a bad reading is different to a reading where guidance is different to your expectations or the answers you may want to hear.

If you are only wanting to hear what you want to hear I am not the reader for you. I will always deliver information with compassion and empathy just the way I would like to hear it.

I do not believe in gloom and doom either. A reading is to empower you – for you to take the insights and decide how you apply them in your life.  I can share what I get but its upto you how you take that information to create the most abundant life .



I am amazed at how accurate Mary’s reading was. She was spot on with names and with my son right to the chickiness he had. What an amazing reading. Thank you Mary, you have no idea how much your reading has helped me, as I am finding it so hard to move from the pain of losing my son. But knowing that he is at peace and near me, makes it more bearable. Thank you so much!!

What a beautiful, accurate reading Mary! So spot on with things I am doing now, and what I expect to be doing in the future. Having your words in an email, to be able to look at whenever I want, is so very good. Will let you know when the upcoming events come true, too! Thank you so much Mary.