Evil Eye Removal- traditional Italian method

Cost: $85.00

This is an Italian energy healing modality in removing the energy absorbed from others. It is similar to Reiki. Please email me your date of birth and photo – Mary will let you know the turnaround time but please allow 7 working days


Gift Certificate for Phone/Distance Reading,

Cost: $180

This reading is for an hour session  Or alternatively please send me an email to customise the value of the gift certificate ( phone readings begin at $100 half hour) Please email to arrange gift certificate to be sent to the nominated person.

The Little Book of Tarot will help you connect the dots to tell a story. It will help you overcome the blocks you may have of getting it ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It will support you in your journey to see tarot as a tool to talk to you, to guide you on your path, or to give guidance to others – whether that be friends, family, or even clients you read for professionally. You will learn to master techniques and spreads so that you can ace readings each and every time.

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The Little Book of Tarot – Mary Loughland