Email Readings


The reading will be between 1200-1500 words long. Sit with the information and be open to the messages received. Remember that you have the power to create change in your life and you can use the advice within the reading to facilitate this.

Only three concise questions allowed.

I am happy to clarify if necessary following the email reading but do not work with the assumption of “see what you pick up first” and then I will send you questions later. This means I am actually doing a reading twice. If you prefer to work this way I do suggest a phone reading where I always give you what I get first anyway because that is how I roll but with email readings they do take double the time of phone readings . Now that we have sorted out the house keeping and rules do be prepared for me to be honest but kindly so and this is really hard sometimes when we put this in writing. If you want sugar coating I am not the reader for you. You may need an Oracle reading.

Remember all readings are for guidance only. You still have free will to take control of your life.

After payment is made please send Photo (a clear selfie no sunnies please) , Date Of Birth to my email address


Other Woman Spread Email Reading-


Cost: $60

This spread is designed to assist women who are in triangular or complicated relationships. It helps you trust your own intuition and inner guidance and guide you towards making choices that feel right for you. It is not a spread used for any judgement, karma, right or wrong, It has been designed to help you unravel those feelings that dont sit right. Please do not book a reading if  the only answer you want to hear is that he is leaving his partner.

After payment is made please send Photo , Date Of Birth and questions to my email address


Evil Eye Removal- traditional Italian method

Cost: $85.00

This is an Italian energy healing modality in removing the energy absorbed from others. It is similar to Reiki. Please email me your date of birth and photo – Mary will let you know the turnaround time but please allow 7 working days

One Question Reading -UNAVAILABLE TILL FURTHER NOTICE Cost: $50.00

A good example of a One Question reading would be “What do I need to do to get a new job?” or ” I am stuck in finding love what do I need to do what do you see ahead?” If you have more than one question or you are wanting a general reading please use the other option.

The reading will be four paragraphs – it will look at your current situation, the challenges, the advice and the likely outcome based on the energy at play.

Waiting time is 7 working day turnaround from time of receipt.

Please send your best selfie no sunnies, Date of Birth and question to


Gift Certificate for Phone/Distance Reading, Face to Face Reading or Reiki session

Cost: $150

This reading is for an hour session  Or alternatively please send me an email to customise the value of the gift certificate ( phone readings begin at $85.00, Face to Face sessions are $150. Please email to arrange gift certificate to be sent to the nominated person.

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