The “Evil Eye” in the old Italian tradition was not about curses and this page is not about curses it’s about healing energy just like you would doing a Reiki Clearing. The history behind evil eye was about someone “giving you the eye” either unintentionally (usually) and in some cases intentionally hoping for bad luck to come to the person. Unfortunately the words “evil eye” has invoked many scamming sites and unscrupulous people taking advantage of vulnerable people. Do not believe scammers who want hundreds or thousands of dollars to remove “a curse” . The Belief in Evil Eye is widespread across many continents. Different cultures have different amulets for protection as well as rituals to clear “The Evil Eye”.

The Evil Eye Spread was designed after many years of combining readings and clearing energy. Use your intuition when looking at the cards not only in their positional meanings but as a whole.
If there are Court Cards ( people appearing ) within the four Card layout it is definitely coming from a person and it will tell you male or female . If the Moon , Seven of Swords , Devil, High Priestess appears or a row of negative looking cards the chances are you need to clear your energy and ground.

You still need to take responsibility for your energy so if you feel someone drains you be practical ;block, ban, delete , minimise your time around negative people .

Free Evil Eye Reading

Focus on your situation then click on the cards.